Jeff Klemm

Name:  Jeff Klemm

Instrument:  Drums, Percussion and Vocals (Also plays Guitar, Bass, Piano, Harp)

Location: Akron, Ohio

How did you get into Pink Floyd? I grew up listening to my dad’s record collection and obsessing over rock radio.  Music has always been my passion for as long as I can remember.  When I turned 18 and got my first apartment, around the time when people start experimenting with substances, Dark Side of the Moon really clicked with me and sent me into a spiral of exploration into the Pink Floyd discography.

What made you join DSOTM? When I started playing music in bands at age 13, I would always sit behind the kit and mess around.  I convince my brother to get a drum set, secretly so I could play it as well!  I have always considered myself a drummer and played on all of my original band’s albums since 2007, but most people don’t think of me as a drummer as I usually play guitar and sing live.  Playing Pink Floyd songs on drums and feeling the musical performing experience through another player’s eyes has expanded my musical vocabulary exponentially.

Favorite Pink Floyd song and why? The first time I heard “Great Gig in the Sky, it knocked me out.  Now that I’m playing with DSOTM, I’m really loving Pigs (3 Different Ones).

Favorite Pink Floyd album and why? Can’t pick.  There’s not a bad album in the bunch and my favorites change weekly.  Top 3:  Wish You Were Here, Animals, Dark Side of the Moon.

What equipment do you use? PDP X7 Maple Shells, (22″ kick, 10, 12, 14, 16 toms), Evans EC2 heads, Gretch Taylor Hawkins Signature Snare w/ Remo Emperor heads, Zildjian 15″ hi-hats, Zildjian 14″ Dark Custom K crash, Paiste 17″ Prototype crash, Paiste Signature 18″ full crash, Paiste Signature 22″ full ride, 7A sticks, ProLogix practice pads

Brief Musical History: I am the singer/multi-instrumentalist for the original bands Maid Myriad and Jeff Klemm & The Letters. Check out for info on my original material and show dates.

Best gig and why? My band, Maid Myriad has played 41 states of this country.  My favorite gig was playing in Seattle and somehow having fans who knew my songs and were screaming the words at the top of their lungs.  The Seattle music scene from the 90’s is right in my wheelhouse, so to be accepted by a part of the Seattle scene was definitely a check oof my bucket list.