Joey Amato

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Name: Joey Amato

Instrument(s): Acoustic and Electric Guitars and Vocals

Location: Strongsville, Ohio

How did you get into Pink Floyd? My brother, who is 6 years older than me, had a huge influence on the music I listened to.  One of his first jobs was at a really cool place in Berea, OH, called The Shoppe.  It was a record store and head shop.  He bought albums just about every week with his paycheck.  Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes, Neil Young – it was the music I fell asleep to every night.

What made you join DSOTM?  Over three decades ago, I began my music journey just like most kids do – in a garage with some friends.  That’s when/where I met Ray Beeble (Dark Side’s keyboardist).  The first time we jammed together our voices meshed and we knew there was something cool about it.  After a brief stint as teen band mates, we both moved on, but always remained friends.  We played the same clubs.  We knew the same people, but we never played on the same stage.  Years later, I went out to see Ray and DSOTM at the Kent Stage and I was blown away.  “The band was just fantastic….” [Have a Cigar reference].  Not long after that, Ray and I made an effort to gather the original four guys from the garage days and jam for my 50th birthday gig.  A spot opened, and Ray asked if I wanted to fill it.  I never imagined I could, but I have been literally living a dream since that day.

Favorite Pink Floyd song and why? It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I am really into Dogs.  I like the transitioning from acoustic to electric and back again.  The double lead is classic, and I love the fact that it’s a long song.  It moves in and out and lasts over fifteen minutes.  Usually great songs are over too soon.  Long enough to get into the zone and enjoy.  I also like how Gilmour sings the first half and Waters sings the second half.  A true masterpiece.

Favorite Pink Floyd album and why?  I have to go with Dark Side of the Moon.  It feels like n opera to me when I listen to it in its entirety, which I still do frequently.  The melodies are so familiar, but I never get tired of hearing them.

What equipment do you use?  Fender strats, of course through a complex pedalboard into a Fender Deluxe Reverb.  For the acoustic, I’ve primarily been using a Taylor T5 Koa 12 string through a Fishman Loudbox.

Brief musical history: I began playing guitar at the age of 7.  I played in bands briefly in my teens, but spent most of my music career as a solo acoustic performer in clubs.  I put my music career on hold for several years, got married, raised two children and opened my own business.  In 2008, Ijumped back into playing and have been hyper focused ever since.

Name of first band you were in:  I don’t think we had a real name.  The first one that I do recal was Odyssey, that was around 7th grade.

Best gig and why?  My best gig was at my nieces wedding.  She asked me to sing a song during the wedding ceremony.  I surprised her and her husband with a special song on my ukulele.