Jon Klusti

Klusti head shot

Name: Jon Klusti

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar

Location: Wadsworth, Ohio

How did you get into Pink Floyd? I’ve always had an appreciation for the music.

What made you join DSOTM? It was an opportunity to join an established group of talented musicians, including one of my best friends for thirty years.

Favorite Pink Floyd song and why? Money, of course, one of the first bass lines every bassist learns.

Favorite Pink Floyd album and why? Dark Side of the Moon – Great album from start to finish.

What equipment do you use? Ibanez basses, TC Electronic head, Carvin cabinet, and Boss pedals.

Brief musical history: I’ve been playing the bass for over 30 years.  I love metal music and reggae.  It would be cool to do DSOTM reggae style.

Name of first band you were in: Oblivion, rock cover band

Best gig and why? Altar Bar in PGH.  Great sound and light show with an awesome crowd.