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Many groups call themselves cover bands, but few reach the distinction of being a tribute band. That designation means more than just playing songs that another band made famous — it means performing those songs in a way that would make the original band proud.

Dark Side of the Moon (DSOTM), the Pink Floyd tribute band, has set out to do that. Having the musical chops isn’t an issue. Between the seven band members they have more than 230 years of experience. The band has been together for three years now, so they’ve had plenty of time to tighten up as a group, and naturally, they all grew up listening to Pink Floyd.

Paying tribute to Pink Floyd on the stage also requires the effects and theatrics that have become synonymous with a Floyd concert, and DSOTM has “$10,000 in lasers, lights, fog machines and the like,” said Jeff Tucker, the band’s guitarist. “We used to do a video projection, too, but most of the venues we play aren’t really set up for it.” It’s that kind of dedication that has made DSOTM so well-received by fans of the original music.

“We’re in between a bar band and a national act, which is a good place for a band like us to be,” Tucker said. “We can play the larger venues and still hold our own.” Fortunately, fans aren’t too difficult to come by. “If you do it justice — and we do — Pink Floyd brings their own fans.”

DSOTM draws from all of Pink Floyd’s music from 1967 through “The Division Bell,” so there isn’t any fear of the music getting overly repetitive. In addition, they only play out about once a month to minimize the monotony. “If you could go to The Legends and see us every other week, you would get sick of us,” said Tucker. Not surprisingly, their favorite is “Dark Side of the Moon,” because “it’s one big opus, a rock opera.”

DSOTM kicks off Bike Week at The Legends on May 17, ready to prove to new fans that they’re not just another cover band.