From Our Fans

I was the old guy dancing at the stage last week to you guys. I had no expectations as to your abilities playing the Floyd. My jaw dropped as all of you are amazing. Spectacular. I have become a comfortably numb fan. Thanks for a great show. – Bill

Saw you guys in Marietta.You guys rock!!! Hope you can come back… – D. Lauderman

Great show last night at Kent Stage. – T. Long

Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve never heard “Astronomy Domine”  performed live (before last night) by anyone, anywhere. Nicely done! – J. Linstrom

You guys were amazing at the stage last night. We can’t wait to see you again! -J. Linstrom

Great show by DSOM  -T. Simpson (Owner of the Kent Stage)

Thanks for a fantastic night of music!  – J. Benson

WOW!!! You guys were great at the Beachclub today!!! Hope you come back again!!! You are welcome anytime!!! – D. Seher

Great concert yesterday at the Beach Club….You guys brought me back 30 years…Thanks – J. Petrilli

My husband is watching the Flaming Lips (Pink Floyd tribute) on tv. He said they are lousy and no comparison to you guys! You are awesome! – D.L. Edwards

you guys were awsome tonight in ravenna, ohio!! my first show and i LOVED IT!!!! thank you!!! – Melinda Sue Kazlman

You guys are unbelievable! I saw you guys at Conneaut Lake Park for Bikes, Blues, and Brews and still can’t get over how good the show was. I’m sitting here watching the (band name omitted) trying to do Pink Floyd at some outdoor festival and they don’t even come close to how good you guys are. I am a huge Floyd Fan and was blown away by the show that you put on. I can’t wait to see you again sometime. I may have to make the hour and a half trip to the Akron area to see you. keep Rocking’! – R. Edwards

These guys were just plain awesome, and very cool dudes too! One of the coolest gigs I’ve played in a while, it was a pleasure to open up for them!! – Matt Cistone – Bassist for the 3 Amigos

That was a phenomenal show! Glad we went! – Dan J.

Great Show Saturday night at Kent Stage. Brought my daughter and my niece who was a Dark Side virgin even though she loves Pink Floyd and has been living on Kent Campus for three years. Sheesh, gotta show these kids everything. – Chris M.

I had an incredible time watching/listening you guys play last night, honestly that was one of the best shows i have ever been to and its because you guys play with so much heart! Definitely coming to see you guys again in the near future, and bringing my pops as well he’s gonna dig you guys just as i do 🙂 you guys are awesome congrats. – Yuriy Y.

Just wanted to let you know that I took my 16year old daughter and some of her friends to the Kent show, they have heard some Pink Floyd, but not much. They were amazed, as was my wife and I. They were jumping up and down, screaming, and singing to the songs they knew. They had never seen a light show with lasers before and were enthralled. The best part was I got to sit back and watch them become fans of some music that means a lot to me, and for that, I thank you! Can’t wait to see you guys again. – Alan P.

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME concert last night!! You guys sounded better than ever! You picked up some new fans. – Jeri S.

Great Show Saturday night at Kent Stage. Brought my daughter and my niece who was a Dark Side virgin even though she loves Pink Floyd and has been living on Kent Campus for three years. Sheesh, gotta show these kids everything. – Chris McC.

You guys did great last night at Clazel. I can not wait to see you again this Saturday in Kent. – Zakk W.

Kent Stage Had one hell of a good time thank you all! – Amy R.

Great show!! You guys are AWESOME!!!!! – Jodi M. Coordinator for The Rhythm and Ribs Festival

Great show, nice venue. Had a great time! – Connie L.

You guys rocked !!! I really enjoyed the music thanks guy’s can’t wait too see you guys again !! – Savannah S.

Thank you so much for an amazing show at the Rhythm & Ribs Fest! Our son was at the foot of the stage the entire time & loved every minute! We would love to see you back next year & will definitely spread the word! Thanks again! – Kelly C.

Rhythm & Ribs Fest! OMG Good food, good friends & GOOD TUNES !! I loved the show. I’m so glad I got to hear you. It won’t be the last. Thank You for being there….. – Stik McStickler

I can’t believe I only paid five bucks to see these guys! – Overheard at the Carriage House

Wow what a great show!!  I had such a good time!!   U guys were very on!! When u came back for the encore we all loved it!!  And we all asked for Wish You Were Here and …Comfortably Numb and u guys rocked them both!!  The dedication of Wish You Were Here for the troops was classy!!  That was a blast last night and what a diverse crowd!!  See ya when u come back to Kent!!  – Jimmy C

I had a great time. I took my son and his girlfriend and we had a great time. My son told me after I looked like I was bored. FAR from it. I was in awe of the musical ability of you guys. I was more like HOLY CRAP..these guys are good…real good. I was watching from a musician standpoint and I can say I have not seen anyone better! Can’t wait to see you agian in Kent!!!!!!!!  – Laurie TPQ

I’m still facinated by your ability to do it right ONNNN! I ponder it everytime PF pops on the pod or the radio. Keeeeeep It Up!! – Reggie S.

Great show at Tangiers !! – Sam W.

Must say it was awsome in person! The lead guitarist rocks. Rock on! – Chris S.

You guys were awesome on Saturday night at the Clazel!  Looking forward to seeing y’all again. – Tracy N.

Awesome concert. You guys did great. Fun night. – Kathie M.

OMG!!!! The concert at Tangiers was AWESOME! you guys out did yourselves last night. For those who missed the concert, you really missed an event. The place was packed and the crowd was GREAT, they really got into it.   Jeff, Steve, Dan, Jeff, Steve and Ray, you were all great.  – Patty T.

Great show, guys.  Brought two non Floyd fans with me and now they are Dark Side of the Moon fans.  Really enjoyed it! Thanks for the invite. – Victor M.

I can’t wait to see this band again, they don’t just bring the music, they bring an ‘experience’. good stuff!  Come back to Cleveland soon!  Had such a nice time seeing you guys @ Brother’s Lounge – Kari K.

Hey you were pretty good, but I really like that keyboard player, Ray Beeble.  – Jack P. (Pic’s dad)